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5 Tips for a Perfect Dorm

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

1. Ignore the trends. Get what you like and what brings you joy!

2. Don't overbuy-your dorm room is likely on the small side and can feel cluttered quite easily with too much "stuff." Buy all your essentials first, and then see what else you have room for.

3. Consult with your roommate(s). Go in together on pricier items that you will both use or need (microwave, tv, or this white shag rug from target!)

4. You're an adult now-decorate like one! Unframed posters are not a good look for you, college professional! This gold frame from target is the perfect way to elevate your dorm room.

5. Only take clothes that you'll actually wear-a messy closet only adds to your daily stress! Try keeping your closet organized with this hanging closet organizer.

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