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In Pursuit of Perfection

I was recently talking to a new friend about people we follow in Instagram, or whose podcasts we listen to: people you might call lifestyle "influencers." This got me thinking about what I surround myself with daily: the podcasts I listen to and the images I see everyday where perfection is the "norm." On social media, we constantly see these people pretending to be "just like us," spreading messages of "real life" and advertising themselves as real people. Look closely and what do we see but photos that are altered and articles ghost written.

I must admit, I'm guilty of trying to attain this similar picture of perfection in my own life. I've always been someone who is "bothered" by scuffs on the wall, stains on the couch and messy rooms. You know what? MY house currently has scuffs on the walls, stains on my couch and a messy room or two. You know what else? THAT'S OKAY! As I've become more aware of this silly draw to be perfect, I've made myself do the opposite: I allow the room to be messy, I DON'T vacuum a third time for the week and I leave the scuffs-there will always be more.

So, will you join me in my fight against perfection? Let's share our REAL selves with the world and stop making each other feel "bad" for not being perfect. As my first act of solidarity, here I am today, as I write: messy hair, wrinkled shirt, sitting in my dark office with piles of unorganized mess all around me!

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