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The 5 Senses: Applied to YOUR Vacation Rental


Décor shouldn’t be too garish or kitschy. How many times have you traveled to a beach rental, only to find shells, fish and other nautical items EVERYWHERE? Don't get me wrong, I love a good themed home, but in moderation, please! Know your audience, but don't overwhelm them with tons of the same decor in every room.


Let's face it-not everyone can afford to own a vacation rental in the perfect place-sometimes our homes are on a noisy street, or there may be industrial noises if we're close to a downtown area. Guests will LOVE being close to that coffee shop just steps away, but what they won't love is the noise. Invest in some small ways to help combat the noise. Provide white noise machines in all the bedrooms and sleeping areas. If you have an outside patio or courtyard area, a water fountain can go a long way.


Be mindful of the way your vacation rental NATURALLY smells. Every house has a smell to it, it's inevitable. BUT, is your house in a humid climate? If so, you'll want to make sure your home has some sort of de-humidifier to ward off any mildew-y smells. Is the house closed up for long periods of time? Take a moment to air out the home, opening windows and doors while cleaning if possible. Another consideration is to buy an air filter with built-in scents. There are also TONS of products out there (plug-ins, essential oil diffusers, etc) that have nice scents available. Just be sure that the scents you choose are not overwhelming to your guests! If you're wary about using scents, you might consider using an air purifier! The addition of a house plant or two can also naturally help purify the air.


It's the small things in life: consider leaving a bottle of wine in the refrigerator, a basket of local snacks, etc. out on the counter. A small expense on your end can leave a lasting impression for your guests.


I'm a broken record here (see my previous posts), but I truly believe it, folks! Invest in the higher quality linens, furniture, etc. I promise you, it doesn't matter if you charge $40 a night for your vacation rental, EVERY guest expects to be pampered when they're staying away.


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