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9 Target Fall Finds for the Thanksgiving Table

1. Table runner

This fall colored table runner is the perfect thing to tie everything together! The warm red tones give your table the perfect fall feels.

2. Fall floral centerpiece

I love having a centerpiece on my table! This neutral centerpiece is not only great for fall, but could work for other seasons too.

3. Cloth napkins

Cloth napkins are a must-have staple! They add a layer of elegance to your thanksgiving table.

4. Dessert plates

These beautiful dessert plates are the best for fall! They are engraved with fall florals and a pumpkin- perfect for serving pumpkin pie and other fall desserts!

5. Mini pumpkins

These delightful little pumpkins make a great addition to your fall table and home decor.

6. Gold silverware

You may have seen gold silverware popping up all over your Instagram feed lately. Here’s your excuse to buy them and add a fun accent to your table!

7. Pumpkin pie platter

This pumpkin engraved platter is perfect for serving your pie this year. And a bonus- it matches with the dessert plates!

8. Stemmed wine glasses

No matter what you serve at Thanksgiving, pairing your meal with a nice wine is always a crowd-pleaser!

9. Candle

Finally, a candle! Candles add a lovely ambiance to any dinner.

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