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3 Musts for a Successful Vacation Rental (VRBO ® or Airbnb ®)

1. Don’t skimp on your living room furniture!

Most Vacation Rental owners aren’t swimming in $$$, so the impulse is to buy as cheap as possible, especially when it comes to furniture. Contrary to our instincts, however, it is best to invest at the outset-you’ll thank yourself a year from now. Not only will super cheap furniture get banged up or ruined more easily, your guests will know that you’ve skimped. Just imagine this: your guests arrive to your Vacation Rental, beautifully decorated, nestled in the mountains, by the beach, in the wilderness, etc. They plop down on the couch to catch their breath from a long day of travel and immediately bounce up off of the scratchy, too-hard couch cushion. Moment ruined! These days, there are multiple options for “performance fabrics” that will keep your couch looking great (and repel those pesky stains) for years to come!

2. Buy the nicer mattress (and pillows for that matter!)

Your guests are expecting to get good rest-after all, they’re probably spending a good chunk of change at your Vacation Rental. There’s one surefire way to get a bad review: have a rock-hard mattress and floppy pillows! No matter the price point, guests have a certain expectation that they will be furnished with a comfortable mattress. The good new is: mattresses have come a long way in comfort while keeping costs low. Opt for a mattress that is a memory foam, gel or hybrid (memory foam with innersprings). Memory foam mattresses start as low as $150 for a Queen size. Currently, Amazon has their Queen Linenspa 8 inch mattress on sale for about $107!

3. Not all towels (or colors) are created equal

Chances are, you will have some guests staying at your Vacation Rental who will end up washing off their makeup off with one of your beautiful, pristinely white washcloths. By providing your guests with a set of black washcloths (have them embroidered with the word “Makeup” or put a sign out indicating their use), you’ll save $ by not replacing them as often. (Some Vacation Rental owners choose to charge their guests if they use the wrong washcloth or if a linen is stained, FYI.) It may seem silly or minute, but having to replace your once snow-white washcloths after each stay adds up!


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